Derby Homes is run by a board made up of nine people: three councillors, three tenants and three independent members with professional skills to help run the service. 


Operational Board

The Operational Board is a committee of the main board, made up of three main Board Members, six additional tenants, one honorary tenant,  one leaseholder, one Derby Association of Community Partners (DACP) representative and one Youth Board representative.

They meet once every two months to make decisions about the services provided by Derby Homes. 


The management of Derby City Council's houses by Derby Homes does not change the legal status of council tenants.  Derby City Council still owns the properties.

You can find information about our meetings, agendas, reports and minutes and read more detailed information about our Board Members on the Committe Management Information System (CMIS) link opposite. Here you can learn more about our various Boards and Committees, find out who our Board Members are and examine agendas and minutes of meetings.